Aromatherapy Mineral Salts
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Aromatherapy Mineral Salts

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These heavenly scented mineral Epsom salts are a relaxing way to unwind from a rough day. Scented in our Relax and Tranquility essential oil blends. 

Relax: is a calming, relaxing and soothing blend of Lavender (heachaches, anxiety, stress, restlessness), Ylang Ylang (Stress, relaxing yet uplifting, antidepressant) and Orange Sweet (restlessness, calming, soothing yet uplifting) essential oils. 

Tranquility: is a blend of Lavender (headaches, anxiety, stress, restlessness), Mandarin and Lime Essential Oils. 

Balance: Soothing and Balancing  made with Marjoram (Stress Reliever, anxiety, headaches), Clary Sage (emotional balancer, antidepressant, or mood enhancer), Ylang Ylang (Stress, relaxing yet uplifting, antidepressantand Blood Orange  (Restlessness, anxiety, stress, calming yet uplifting).

One time use bags pre-measured and scented for all ages.